49ers and Eagles players throw punches in wild fight during NFC championship game (VIDEO)


Tempers flared towards the end of the NFC championship game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers.

With 3:51 left in the fourth quarter, the 49ers ran a play with the ball in Deebo Samuel’s hands, but the Eagles’ defense had the wide receiver wrapped up in no time. 49ers offensive lineman Trent Williams tried to pull Eagles’ #42 K’Von Wallace off Samuel, but the safety did not let go of Samuel, despite the referees blowing their whistles.

After multiple attempts to pull Wallace off Samuel, Williams lost his cool, yanked the safety off his teammate, and threw him to the ground. The ferocity of the yank and the unnecessary shove pushed the onlooking Eagles players over the edge and they approached the 49ers lineman. Williams did not hold back and threw punches, prompting the Eagles players to do the same.

The violent nature of the skirmish prompted players from both sidelines to rush the field, with some looking to play peacemakers while others looking to defend their teammates and participate in the fight. Watch the entire sequence below:

Fights happening on the field between the Eagles and 49ers https://t.co/T8EU8VBld1

Both teams were flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, while Williams and Wallace were kicked out of the game for their part in the fight.

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