5 Breakfast Foods From the Areas People Live the Longest

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  • Dan Buettner has spent his career studying the 5 places in the world where people live the longest — dubbed the “Blue Zones.”
  • Buettner studied their diets, lifestyles, relationships, and more to understand what makes them healthy.
  • Their breakfasts are key, such as Okinawan miso soup which is rich in vitamins and protein.

Most Americans need to rethink their breakfasts, according to author Dan Buettner

Buettner has spent his career studyingthe social and dietary patterns of people who live in the so-called “Blue Zones” — five places in the world where people live the longest.

While typical American breakfast foods, like cereal or toaster pastries, are often full of added sugar, the people Buettner studies start their days with a broader intake of nutrients.

Many of these groups, Buettner told Insider also consider breakfast the most important and largest meal of the day. 

We asked a nutritionist to analyze five of the breakfast foods included in Buettner’s study, and to tell us what makes them so healthy.

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