5 of the most interesting Pokemon Scarlet and Violet characters who fans love


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have an abundance of interesting characters that fans should know and love by now. Both games have pretty simple plots, yet their cast is well-written. Naturally, some characters will rise above the rest and end up becoming fan favorites.

The following list is an example of five adored people who debuted in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Minor spoilers will be included, so anybody who doesn’t like them should be warned here ahead of time.

Note: This list focuses on the human characters and not their Pocket Monsters.

Arven, Iono, and more of the best Pokemon Scarlet and Violet characters

1) Arven

Did you know that most of Arven’s Pokemon team in Scarlet/Violet are related to food because he’s a cook? I love details like these. https://t.co/VwXJwj4X0B

Arven is an interesting companion with a story far simpler yet more relatable than the average character in this series. His main goal in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is to heal his dog, Mabosstiff.

There is no huge deep plot that overcomplicates things. It’s just a guy and his pet, which many fans can enjoy.

Similarly, his role in the Area Zero storyline with his missing parents helps make him feel like one of the most complete characters in the series. All three of the main allies the protagonists meet are entertaining in their own ways, but there’s a good case for Arven being one of the best.

2) Larry

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Larry is an everyday man who often acts tired and is much more laid back than most other characters in these two games. Many love him for his mood and identify with him only doing his work because he has to, something grown-up players should understand.

He’s also quite important, serving as both the Normal-type Gym Leader and a Flying-type Elite Four member. Ironically enough, his average behavior helps make him stand out a lot compared to the colorful cast of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

3) Iono

Another popular Gym Leader whom Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans tend to like is Iono. Her streamer-like attitude is unique in the series. Couple that with her iconic design, making it unsurprising that she had quickly become a fan-favorite within the fandom.

The flashy visuals and amusing dialog associated with her few appearances are something that most players should easily recall. One thing that does puzzle them is the Magnemite lookalikes that act as hairpins for her.

There are even several fan theories that discuss whether she’s an AI or something else entirely, partially because of the unique eyes she and her head accessories seem to have.

4) Nemona

Nemona is my favorite main rival in the series. they turned goku into a pokemon character and her lategame interactions are SO good https://t.co/bWaTfxuDO5

Rival characters tend to get a ton of attention, and the main one from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is no different. Nemona is an interesting take on this common trope, as it quickly becomes apparent that she lives solely for battle.

She’s already a Champion-ranked student at the start of the game, making her different from her predecessors who grow alongside you.

In fact, the Gym Leader portion of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s storyline is about you catching up to her. She presents an easy challenge until the last match, which is pretty cool. Apart from that, she’s one of the most memorable allies accompanying the player to Area Zero as they learn more about Paradox forms and the professor’s AI plot.

5) Dendra

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet featured a lovable cast of teachers who could instruct the player on various topics and even had a brief side quest attached to them. Arguably the coolest one is Dendra, who taught Battle Studies. Her determination to make a good sandwich is comical, yet also fascinating since she interacts with other underrated characters like Nurse Miriam and Saguaro.

More importantly, she serves a minor role in Tulip’s Gym Test, where she does ESP tests that also act as an amusing little minigame. She does this because of her loss against Tulip a long time ago, and the winner got to dictate whatever the loser had to do.

Thus, Dendra is forced to do this absurd activity for her friend.

Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

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