5+ Upcoming Horror Movies in 2023 to Get Excited About


deadite in Evil Dead Rise

2023 looks like a solid contender for horror content after a very packed 2022! Besides re-emerging horror franchises, there is plenty of new and original content as well. Our plates will be full, but not everything may be for you. Does that inherently make (insert new horror movie here) a shitty movie? No! Though let’s be frank, there will be some shitty horror films throughout the upcoming year.

Hollywood is lining its pockets with our love of horror and we are in for a wild start to 2023. What are you personally looking forward to? Will anything on your list be on mine? I guess you’ll find out soon enough!

Aside from upcoming releases that have been mentioned before, like M3GAN (2023), Scream 6 (2023), Knock at the Cabin (2023), and Evil Dead Rise (2023), make sure to add these other upcoming scare fests to your calendar.

The Exorcist (October 13th)

possessed!regan in The Exorcist
(Warner Bros.)

David Gordon-Green isn’t everyone’s favorite (see his Halloween trilogy and it’s divisiveness among Halloween fans), but he is helming a remake of The Exorcist (1973). The original is very iconic and is still being referenced in horror to this day. More details will be revealed next year (probably not until much later). What we know currently is that Leslie Odom Jr. and Ellen Burstyn, among others, are part of the cast. Bloody Disgusting revealed recently that filming was beginning soon!

Saw X (October 27th)

Amanda wearing the reverse bear trap in Saw (2004)
(Lionsgate Films and Lionsgate Home Entertainment)

After the reception to the standalone sequel Spiral (2021), we’re officially circling back to the mother series. Cue the “Hello Zepp” score and a whole lot of screaming because we’re getting Saw 10. It’s unlikely Tobin Bell will be involved (unless we’re getting the Jigsaw treatment or flashbacks like previous entries) in this film. So it’s wise to curb your expectations and try not to let disappointment dull your excitement. It’s still fun to see franchises resurface to entertain us!

The Strangers (2023)

james and kristen being scared in The Strangers
(Universal Pictures)

Say it’s not scary all you want, but The Strangers still terrifies the hell out of me. Not to mention the sequel is pretty damn entertaining and a wonderful homage to ’80s slashers. Therefore, the news that we’re getting a reboot trilogy featuring our chaotic masked strangers is pretty damn exciting. Little is known and IMDB is like an empty desert. Nevertheless, we should anticipate some frights.

Other 2023 horror films to be excited about include: Last Voyage to the Demeter (January 27), Renfield (April 14), and a new remake of Salem’s Lot.

(featured image: Warner Bros. Pictures)

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