A Complete Timeline of Hilaria Baldwin’s Misleading Public Life

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April 2020: Baldwin records a podcast with friends where she gives the impression that she moved to New York City from Spain when she was 19.

Cocktails and Convos with Cat and Nat Hilaria Baldwin

Baldwin on “Cocktails and Convos with Cat and Nat.”

Cat & Nat/YouTube

Baldwin sat down for the “Cocktails and Convos with Cat and Nat” YouTube and podcast series. The show’s notes had a list of takeaways that included: “Though she and Alec are so different (culture, background, age, and language among other things!) they are each other’s best friends.”

The episode description said Baldwin was “originally from Mallorca, Spain.”

A short section of the episode was included in the Twitter thread in December. In it, Baldwin said she didn’t realize how famous her husband was when they met, prompting Cat and Nat to ask about when she moved to the United States.

“So you moved here with your parents?” one of the hosts asked, seemingly referring to New York City, where the three women recorded the episode.

“No, no, no, no, no,” Baldwin replied. “I moved here when I was 19 to go to NYU.”

“Ah. From?” the host said.

“From — my family lives in Spain. They live in Mallorca,” Baldwin said.

“So yeah, that would make sense you wouldn’t know the pop culture of—” the other host chimed in.

“Well, I know no pop culture,” Baldwin said. “Now I’m better. I knew no pop culture.”

Later in the show, one of the hosts asked Baldwin whether she would ever “want to move back” to Spain.

“All the time,” Baldwin replied.

“You came for school and you never left?” the woman asked.

“I came for school, and I never, ever, ever left,” Baldwin said. “Alec and I are always like, ‘Oh one day we’ll move there.’ My kids actually go to a bilingual school so that they’re getting educated in both languages so that we have the opportunity.”

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