A Hallmark Christmas Movie Was Filmed in My Town — What It’s Actually Like

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The real-life Christmas Barn is a true hidden gem, with lots of festive decorations, small-batch candles, and a whole room devoted to ornaments.

the christmas barn in woodstock ct

The Christmas Barn in Woodstock, Connecticut.

Erin McDowell/Insider

While visiting The Christmas Barn, I spoke with Jotham Reynolds, whose family has owned and operated The Christmas Barn for generations. The barn itself, Reynolds said, has been in his family for almost 300 years, though the location of the store has changed over time.

“As I understand it, it was built sometime around 1726,” he told Insider. “It was originally used for hay, which is why it’s in really good condition because any animal barn gets worn down. Eventually, my family started an apple orchard and started selling apples out of the back.”

Reynolds’ grandparents, Jotham G. Reynolds and Kristin Reynolds, were the ones who started the business.

“My grandmother did craft classes, and my dad said he can remember when traveling salesmen would come to sell my grandparents items for the store out of the back of their car,” he continued. “It expanded over the years, and we’ve tried to source from as many of the same vendors as we can.”

When Reynolds’ father, the current owner, was born, the family stopped selling just apples and started what would become The Christmas Barn. The business, which is open seasonally, has now been in operation for 58 years and is well known within the Woodstock community and Connecticut as a whole. 

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