A trusted One Piece leaker from the series temporarily retires, putting more pressure on Redon


It seems that one of the lead leakers for author and illustrator Eiichiro Oda’s smash-hit One Piece manga series has temporarily retired from the scene. Etenboby, who, along with Redon, is regarded as one of the most trustworthy leakers in the community, has not stated when they intend to return.

Also retiring is slightly-less reputable One Piece series leaker Pewpiece, who has become a more popular leaker following the tragic death of Un-amed in January 2023. With the retirement of both Etenboby and Pewpiece, Redon is now essentially the only reliable leaker for the series, as evidenced by this week’s spoiler release process.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down this latest news from the One Piece leaker community.

One Piece’s trustworthy leakers down to Redon following latest temporary retirements

#ONEPIECE1079According to One Piece leakers Etenboby and Pewpiece, they will take a break as leakers (they haven’t said yet when they will come back).So starting this chapter, Redon will be the only leaker of One Piece chapters.

The latest news on Etenboby and Pewpiece’s retirements comes from Twitter user and reputable One Piece news source @OP_SPOILERS2Ø23 (OP Spoilers). While some would argue as to the account’s validity as a spoiler source, it is largely trusted as a general news source for the series itself and its various fandom and leaker sects.

Per OP Spoilers, Etenboby and Pewpiece’s retirement makes Redon the only leaker of the series’ chapters. While this isn’t entirely true thanks to the presence of Twitter user and series leakers @li1il1 (Li1) and @DruMzTV (Drumz), Redon is essentially the only reputable series leaker with a large presence left.

Drumz has responded to a tweet from OP Spoilers which suggests that it’s their turn to establish themselves as a lead leaker for the series. However, Drumz’s response of “hell no” would seemingly suggest that he has no interest in taking a more active role in the spoiler process than he already has.

Exceptions to this are those such as ScotchInformer and LanceDragonite, WorstGen forum site users who typically have access to the spoilers and are known to tease fans about them. However, the two typically don’t partake in releasing the spoilers themselves (even on WorstGen), instead leaving that to Redon and Etenboby.

#ONEPIECE1079But if One Piece Chapter 1079 is a “hype or peak” chapter, then Scotchinformer might probably post spoilers too.

OP Spoilers does emphasize, however, that if “chapter 1079 is a ‘hype or peak’ chapter,” ScotchInformer might post spoilers as well. While chapter 1079 is mentioned here specifically, it’s likely a safe assumption that Scotch’s feelings include future issues beyond chapter 1079 as well.

The true issue stemming from Etenboby and Pewpiece’s retirements is the void they create, which many less-than-reputable sources will likely try to fill in their absence. As seen in this week’s spoiler process for chapter 1078, this can lead to misinformation for general fans via spoilers that are marketed as accurate but are in fact generally wrong.

Be sure to keep up with all One Piece anime, manga, film, and live-action news as 2023 progresses.

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