Airport Lounge Surprises From a First-Time Visitor

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I wasn’t sure if I’d like the lounge food, but I happily devoured plates of salad, sandwiches, and ramen.

A bowl of ramen from an airport lounge.

A bowl of ramen from the airport lounge.

Monica Humphries/Insider

I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest fan of airplane food, and cafeterias don’t often call my name. 

To me, the lounge initially felt like a combination of those two dining options, and I didn’t have high expectations for my meal. 

But I was surprised by the range of free food along the buffet tables. I could pick between salads, sandwiches, cheese and crackers, a black bean chicken dish, roasted vegetables, soups, and desserts.

There was also an entire “build your own” ramen station with tofu, chicken, vegetables, different broths, and noodles. Even beyond that, I saw snacks like chips, pretzels, fruit, yogurt, and granola bars. 

The range of food was impressive, and honestly, I thought it was pretty tasty, too. By the end of my seven-hour stay, I had scarfed down a bowl of ramen, multiple plates of salad, and desserts, all as part of my lounge access.

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