Alex From Target Seems to Be Opting Out of the Very Thing That Made Him Famous

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Eventually, Lee reportedly left his high school and became homeschooled.

screenshot of Alex Lee's former instagram showing him in an interview, shared by Nicki Swift on YouTube

The video opened doors for Lee, leading to television and radio appearances.

YouTube/Nicki Swift/@alexleeworld

A marketing firm, Breakr, said it was responsible for engineering Lee’s viral moment, but everyone involved denied knowing the company (which had about 1,200 Twitter followers at the time) existed, and BuzzFeed reported on a conspicuous lack of proof.

Two weeks after the tweet circulated, Lee told USA Today that “the whole #AlexFromTarget thing is getting kind of old.” He was reportedly trying to use his platform to direct donations to “JustLove International,” a non-profit for children that his mother and psychologist Marci Fooks helped found. The organization no longer appears to be operational.

“I’ve been in the house the entire time,” Lee told the NYT after his “Ellen” appearance. “I’m kind of scared to go in public.”

The opportunities afforded to Lee eventually led him to leave school. “I had to leave high school after going on the ‘Ellen Show,'” he reportedly told J-14, according to a 2021 Medium post by writer Will Leitch. “In Texas, you can only miss ten days of school before you’re truant and you have to go to court. So, I had to go to court because I was missing so much school from flying out to Los Angeles and all that stuff.”

“Once I started homeschooling, then I actually got the freedom to kind of go wherever, so that after that, everything just started getting crazy.”

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