Alex Pereira shows off his archery skills by nailing the bullseye


Alex Pereira, the UFC middleweight champion, showed off his archery skills by striking the bullseye.

When it comes to knocking out opponents in the octagon and displaying his archery abilities with optimum accuracy, no one beats UFC middleweight champion Alex Pereira. It’s no surprise that ‘Poatan’ is a skilled archer, but one shocking truth is that the abilities are purely self-taught.

The current UFC middleweight gold winner can be seen demonstrating his archery abilities in a recently published video from MMA Fighting on SBN YouTube channel. MMA Fighting staff decided to take the champ for his first archery session with instructor Bruno Heitor at Arco e Flecha Rio to polish his abilities. All the Brazilian native needed was a little pep talk to perfectly nail the bullseye on his last shot.

Watch the YouTube video here:


The video shows Pereria’s inherent archery talents, which stunned archery teacher Bruno Heitor of Arco e Flecha.

To which coach Bruno said:

“The guy is a natural”.

Alex Pereira belongs to the native Brazilian “Pataxó” clan

Alex Pereira is a former kickboxer and is now a professional MMA fighter from Brazil. Pereira, who grew up in a favela, dropped out of middle school at the age of 12 to work at a tire store. He began drinking after being influenced by his coworkers and eventually became an alcoholic. In an attempt to overcome his addiction, he began training in kickboxing in 2009.

The UFC 185-pound division champion is a proud member of the indigenous Brazilian Pataxó clan.

The Pataxó are an indigenous tribe of Bahia, Brazil, with a population of around 11,800 people. They used to speak Pataxó, but today they speak Portuguese and Patxoh, a rejuvenated form of Pataxó.

Alex Pereira has always expressed strongly about his Pataxó ancestry and has proudly represented the indigenous tribe in his fighting career. Pereira appeared at the official weigh-ins dressed in traditional indigenous clothing ahead of his championship-winning performance against former long-time middleweight champion Israel Adesanya at UFC 281.

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