All of Jennifer Lopez’s Films, Ranked According to Critics

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The actress starred in “Marry Me” (2022).

Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson laughing

Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson in “Marry Me.”


Critic score: 61%

Summary: In “Marry Me,” celebrity power couple Kat (Lopez) and Bastien (Maluma) have a public falling out at the sold-out concert that was supposed to serve as their wedding. Instead, Kat decides to marry a stranger — divorced math teacher Charlie (Owen Wilson) — who was dragged to the concert by his daughter and friend. 

Despite their impulsive start, Kat and Charlie discover they have more in common than they could’ve imagined.

Although some critics dismissed the film as a middling rom-com, others thought it brought a little new life to the genre. 

Mick LaSalle wrote for the San Francisco Chronicle, “‘Marry Me’ is so close to being really good that it’s frustrating. Still, it’s close to being really good.”

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