Analyst reveals Phoenix Suns’ hefty demand for Jae Crowder


Jae Crowder has been a primary figure in most NBA rumors as of late. With his trade status still hanging in limbo, ESPN analyst Zach Lowe shared an update on what the Phoenix Suns are looking for in return for their forward.

Crowder has garnered a lot of attention as a trade piece since the late days of the offseason. Following a drastic turn of events which caused significant strife within the Suns’ organization, Crowder sent another blow their way by opting to sit out until he was traded.

The Suns forward has missed a significant portion of the season. Having been out of action since Game 7 against the Dallas Mavericks last season, Crowder and his form have been shrouded in mystery.

Nevertheless, several teams such as the Miami Heat, the Atlanta Hawks and the Milwaukee Bucks have expressed an interest in acquiring him. Unfortunately, however, the Suns have made it particularly difficult for teams to pry the forward away from them.

While very little on the matter was made known to the media, ESPN analyst Zach Lowe recently revealed what the Suns are looking for in return for Jae Crowder. Speaking with Bobby Marks on “The Lowe Post”, as per a source, Lowe said:

“The Suns want two of the following three things: A good young player, a first-round pick and a rotation- almost a starter, Crowder-level player. Two of those three.”

Lowe then added:

“That’s cool, but like, that’s why Jae Crowder hasn’t been traded yet. We’re 50 games into the season, he hasn’t played and he’s in the last year of his contract.”

The Phoenix Suns are seeking two of the following three things in exchange for the Jae Crowder:• A first-round pick• A good young player• A solid rotation player(Via ESPN’s Zach Lowe / h/t @HoopsRumors )

Lowe highlighted how Miami have been the frontrunners to land Crowder. But he also presented the assets that Miami would have to give up for Crowder. Needless to say, the skepticism was quite evident.

Bobby Marks also shared the sentiment. With Crowder being out of action for this long, teams have very little to go on with regards to how long he will take to assimilate into the flow of things. This is definitely a factor in preventing teams from meeting Phoenix’s standards.

Will Phoenix be able to find a trade for Jae Crowder?

Questions regarding the Phoenix Suns finding a trade for Jae Crowder have already been answered. Yes, they certainly have the opportunity to make the trade happen.

The Miami Heat have always been an interested party when considering Crowder. As a former finalist with the team, Crowder has shown that he fits the mentality and the system of Miami. However, new intel suggests a trade scenario is out of the window.

With the Milwaukee Bucks, as Bobby Marks mentioned, Crowder fulfills a role much like PJ Tucker did in their championship season. Although Milwaukee were a late entrant in the Crowder sweepstakes, they emerge as a solid landing spot with a standing offer for the forward.

Additionally, the Atlanta Hawks remain an increasingly viable trading partner. With John Collins up for trade, the Hawks could readily meet Phoenix’s needs when considering what they want in return for Crowder.

Talks of a three-team trade have also been commonplace. However, the ball ultimately lies in Phoenix’s court. Some sources suggest that the Suns would prefer to have Crowder return to the side.

Unfortunately, as the trade deadline looms nearer, the Suns are likely to let the pressure build before making a move.

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