Another Antonio Brown lawsuit? Ex-Buccaneers WR being sued after using Lil Wayne’s name to trick music label into coughing up $400K


Antonio Brown‘s enigmatic NFL career may be over. After so many mistakes off the field and a general disdain for doing the right thing, it doesn’t seem like any team is going to offer him a contract. He’s reportedly fine with that and is instead going to focus on his music career.

However, his music career might be going the way of his NFL career. In the past several seasons, Brown has been unable to get out of his own way. He continuously makes mistakes or does something wrong that turns a team away fro him even if they were previously on board.

That might be the case with his music career after the former wide receiver swindled quite a bit of money from a music label owner.

Secure the Bag Entertainment is owned by Ryan Kane and is the label that Brown was working with. However, he’s now being named in a lawsuit filed by the owner, citing defamation and breach of contract.


The wide receiver made lofty demands for money and even tried to use famed rapper Lil Wayne’s name to get more. He told Kane that Wayne was going to be on a song with the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver.

As a result, the rapper was going to need $250,000 but only got money through Brown. Kane didn’t buy it and is now suing. The fallout from the lawsuit might be more damaging than the former NFL star intended, though.

According to VladTV, this could have far reaching effects on his attempted rap career. Kane said this:

“Everyone is saying his rap career is blossoming, but his rap career is dead. I own the rights to all his music. He can’t release any music for the rest of his life unless I approve it.”

The former star wideout might have cost himself a career in the NFL and in music.

The Antonio Brown Tom Brady fight

Music labels are not the only entity with which the wide receiver has issues. He’s been fighting with former teammate Tom Brady, though Brady hasn’t given him any attention.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers

While the legendary quarterback faces an unfortunate divorce after 13 years of marriage, his former wide receiver continues to poke fun at it.

He began by posting an image of him hugging Gisele Bundchen. It was a photo of Brady that was doctored.


He followed that up by posting an image of a children’s book designed to help them cope with divorce, a clear shot at his former quarterback.

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