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The latest 87+ Base or FIFA World Cup Hero Player Pick SBC went live on March 18 in FIFA 23, bringing another great opportunity for players to get some amazing cards. While most player-item challenges tend to be quite popular, all that offer Hero items occupy a special place.

These cards are special versions of former footballers who retired from the game as legends. To make matters even better, EA Sports has released three separate versions of these in FIFA 23. Two of them are available from the current challenge and offer plenty of options to players.

Moreover, there’s an excellent chance for fans to profit massively on their investments, which will boil down to luck.

The 87+ Base or FIFA World Cup Hero Player Pick SBC has a certain completion cost, which would vary based on how much fodder players use from their own collection. However, some rewards will always be better due to their market valuations and stats.

There are certain cards that are similarly on the other end of the spectrum. These have a very low valuation in the market, and they’re best avoided at all costs.

The 87+ Base or FIFA World Cup Hero Player Pick SBC has a big pool of rewards in FIFA 23


When a FIFA 23 player completes the 87+ Base or FIFA World Cup Hero Player Pick SBC, they will get five picks. The ones they select will be added to their squad, while the remaining four will be discarded. The first thing to remember is to choose a card that fits their requirements. However, the cost element does come into play since the said SBC is quite pricey.

Picking any of the following names will certainly be a great return on investments, since these cards are in high demand in the meta. Such items tend to have a natural advantage over how they work in the game’s engine. They also tend to increase their price in the FUT market, and picking them is equal to making a profit.

  • Yaya Toure WC Hero
  • David Ginola Hero
  • Lucio WC Hero
  • Jay-Jay Okocha WC Hero
  • Claudio Marchisio WC Hero

As mentioned earlier, there are also certain cards that don’t work well in the FIFA 23 meta. While expert players can still navigate around the weaknesses, it’s best to avoid them at all costs. If someone still wants to use any, it’s best to get the items directly from the FUT market.

  • Jorge Campos Hero
  • Mario Gomez Hero
  • Karim Al-Jaber WC Hero
  • Ricardo Carvalho Hero
  • Thomas Brolin Hero


Overall, there will always be an element of luck with the 87+ Base or FIFA World Cup Hero Player Pick SBC. There’s no guarantee over what cards will be made available as the picks, so this point is worth remembering for players before they spend their coins.

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