BGMI star MortaL’s stern statement on SouL being a part of S8UL


Naman “MortaL”, one of India’s most beloved streamers and ex-BGMI pros, is streaming the ongoing ESL Snapdragon Pro Series: New State live on his channel. The champions will be crowned on January 29, the final day of the tournament.

MortaL, associated with Team SouL and S8UL Esports, was asked an odd question during one of his recent live streams. A fan enquired why S8UL’s team at the New State Pro Series has not been named “Team SouL” like the one for BGMI, which they consider to be more suitable for a competitive team.


Owner MortaL responded saying:

“Okay, but that’s our decision [to use S8UL instead of SouL]. I mean, it’s okay if you have an opinion [about this]. You can call it anything, i.e. SouL, S8UL, or anything else of your liking, [and] it is fine. Firstly, there is no difference between SouL and S8UL. If both [S8UL and SouL] share the same emotion, then why are you creating a difference?”

Former BGMI pro MortaL asks fan not to create a difference between SouL and S8UL

During the live stream, the streamer made it clear that there is no distinction between S8UL and SouL. As such, everyone was free to call the team whatever they liked because the emotion remained the same.

Sternly, the S8UL Esports content creator added:

“A lot of people who hate us or don’t like [our] things will obviously take this as an opportunity to separate SouL and S8UL, and you almost opened a gate for them. Please don’t do anything like that again.”

For those unaware, MortaL, who owns Team SouL, was part of its original PUBG Mobile and BGMI squad. He is currently associated with S8UL Esports, a crossover between 8bit and SouL, as a content creator.

“Go the way wherever esports is still active”: MortaL on being asked about BGMI’s competitive scene


The unavailability of esports tournaments for Battlegrounds Mobile India has not surprised anyone as the game has been blocked in the country for more than five months now.

MortaL, an influential figure in the PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India esports scene, was asked about the future holds. Here’s what he said verbatim:

“So many BGMI esports players have moved to this New State (Mobile), alright? Some of them have also moved to Pokémon Unite. You should go wherever esports is still active, as simple as it is. If you want to succeed in esports, it is at such a growing stage that you will reap benefits by picking any game (with active esports).”

MortaL’s advice can be beneficial for those who want to enter the professional gaming scene in India but are discouraged due to Battlegrounds Mobile India’s suspension. The S8UL creator implied that the unavailability of the Krafton-backed title can be a blessing in disguise for other games that have the potential to thrive in an esports ecosystem.

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