Celebrities Who Were Adopted

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Lana Condor was born in Vietnam and was adopted when she was four months old.

lana condor

Lana Condor.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Condor, best known for playing Lara Jean Covey in the “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” films, was adopted when she was just a baby.

“I have an adopted brother, too. We aren’t related or from the same adoption agency or anything, though. So, people don’t know how to talk about adoption. They don’t know how to approach me, because they think it’s a sensitive subject,” Condor told Elle in 2018.

She continued, “However, I love to talk about it. I like to make people feel more comfortable, and it’s great to have this platform and be able to shed light on adoption and how it’s a beautiful thing, instead of being tiptoed around.”

“My parents tried their best to educate us on where we came from. The way that I grew up was that your experience is your experience. I think there’s a misconception that all Asian-American experiences are the same. My experiences with my family and the way they wanted me to know my culture are not the same as others,” Condor concluded.

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