Chiefs Super Bowl champ buries Eli Apple after Bengals CB’s clowning session


Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Eli Apple has been compared to Los Angeles Lakers guard Patrick Beverley for his trolling on social media. Apple clowned Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen after the Bengals defeated the Bills comprehensively.

However, LeSean McCoy, who won the Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, doesn’t believe Apple deserves the comparison. He claims that the Lakers guard is a way better player than Apple is or has been.


Here’s what LeSean McCoy said about Apple’s comparisons with Patrick Beverley:

I’m gonna give Pat Bev some respect. They wish I compare Eli apple, so hold up that right now Pat Bev might not be doing a lot and he do a lot trolling, I said Pat Bev got a first-team all-defense. First-team defense and he was and he was a journeyman.

“He was across seas and he got his stuff together, compared to Eli Apple, who was with the tenth pick in the first round and he’s been on four teams, they different. He got zero All-Pros, and he has zero Pro Bowls.

“I mean, he really could pick his own number. So my thing is like, they different, they different levels of ballplayers. You go tenth-pick in the first round, in the second year, they get rid of you the second year.”

Patrick Beverley is a terrific defender and is known for his defensive prowess rather than his ability on the offensive side of the court. He gets into the head of the opposing players, whereas Eli Apple doesn’t seem to.

The Cincinnati Bengals have a terrific defensive unit, and Apple is enjoying the luxury of being a part of it. He isn’t seen as a difference maker and as a result, players around the league don’t show him much respect.

Eli Apple will be under a lot of pressure on Sunday

Eli Apple: AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
Eli Apple: AFC Divisional Playoffs – Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills

After all the big-talking on social media, Apple needs to show up on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs. If he gets torched by their receivers, people on social media are going to go after him.

A shame you couldn’t keep that same energy on the field maybe the outcome would’ve been different 🤷🏿‍♂️ enjoy Mexico wit the homies…

The Chiefs receivers are going to target him, and if Mecole Hardman plays, we can expect him to be at his best. Patrick Mahomes and company will be out for revenge and whether Apple and others will be up for it remains to be seen. It seems unwise to make a huge game even bigger, and it will be interesting to see what happens this weekend.

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