Chris Beard’s accuser says Texas coach may have acted in self-defense

USA News

The woman who told Austin Police that Chris Beard injured her during a violent altercation earlier this month is now saying that the University of Texas men’s basketball coach may have acted in self-defense and that he never strangled her.

Randi Trew, who lives with Beard and is engaged to marry him, said she doesn’t believe the coach was trying to harm her and that she didn’t want him to be arrested. Her statement, given to the Austin American-Stateman and the Associated Press on Friday evening, was Trew’s first public comments on the matter since the Dec. 12 incident.

“Chris and I are deeply saddened that we have brought negative attention upon our family, friends, and the University of Texas, among others,” Trew said. “As Chris’ fiancée and biggest supporter, I apologize for the role I played in this unfortunate event. I realize that my frustration, when breaking his glasses, initiated a physical struggle between Chris and myself. Chris did not strangle me, and I told that to law enforcement that evening.  

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