Colin Cowherd blames Bill Belichick for Patriots dysfunction- “It’s like Trump’s White House”


New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick faced a lot of criticism throughout the season due to the struggles of the franchise on the offensive end. Quarterback Mac Jones regressed in his sophomore year in the NFL, and a lot of it wasn’t his fault.

Failure to replace Josh McDaniels cost the Patriots and brought Jones’ confidence down. The Patriots franchise has always been praised for how they operate, but recently there have been problems.

Colin Cowherd recently blamed Belichick for those problems as he didn’t make good decisions.

“My understanding is Joe Judge is going to be on the 2023 staff in a different role”@AlbertBreer shares what he’s hearing about Judge’s role with the team & Bill Belichick’s mindset after a tough 2022 season

Here’s what he said on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” about the dysfunction of the New England Patriots:

“This is a memo to businesses. You can have a big brand, you can have great momentum. If you don’t keep the best people. Go ask Disney a month after Bob Iger left, or Microsoft a year after Steve Ballmer left… They all had great products, great brands industry momentum, and went into the crapper quickly.

“This was the best run, smartest, most efficient and leanest operation in the entire sport. . It’s like Trump’s White House, we got a leak every week. Kids on the staff, can’t draft offense, spend poorly in free agency, they have gone from the best organization to the Bears. They’re dysfunctional, they’re a non playoff team.”


Mac Jones didn’t benefit from the presence of Joe Judge and Matt Patricia, which ultimately resulted in him having a poor season. Moreover, Bill Belichick’s team needs more star power on the offense if they want to contend in a stacked AFC.

The Pats need to make moves to help their young QB or else coach Belichick’s resume without Tom Brady will continue to look worse.

Bill Belichick has a tough task in bringing playoff football to New England next season

Bill Belichick: Cincinnati Bengals v New England Patriots
Bill Belichick: Cincinnati Bengals v New England Patriots

The New England Patriots missed out on the playoffs this season and need to bounce back next season. They have already announced the return of Bill O’Brien as their offensive coordinator and that is a move in the right direction.

January 27, 2000Bill Belichick is named head coach of the New England Patriots6 Super Bowl winsReg season – (262-108, .708)Post season – (30-12, .714)It’s seems like it was a good hire

Mac Jones will be happy with O’Brien’s return as he played for him in Alabama. The upcoming offseason will be huge for the Patriots as they need to make some smart decisions and get some new players to improve their roster.

Whether or not coach Bill Belichick will make the right decisions in the summer remains to be seen, but he needs to bring this organization back on track.

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