Committee targets furries in schools

USA News

A bill working through the Indiana Senate would reiterate that schools are allowed to enforce dress codes and curb disruptive behavior to address concerns about students identifying as furries.

It follows a nationwide wave of claims – none proven – that students are dressing and acting like animals in classrooms.

Indiana Sen. Jeff Raatz, R-Richmond, authored Senate Bill 380. The “various education matters” bill makes changes to how the state calculates high school graduation rates and then also includes this line: “a school corporation may adopt a policy concerning student dress code or disruptive behavior.” When introducing the bill in the Senate’s education committee, which Raatz chairs, he said it was to address concerns about students who “may be imitating or were behaving like a furry.”

“Essentially, what this signals to school corporations is that through the dress code you have the ability to drive how students dress,” he said.

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