Conor McGregor: “That could have been a life-changing moment”


Sean O’Malley has weighed in on Conor McGregor’s bike accident that occurred earlier this week. The news of the incident was broken by McGregor himself, who posted photos, videos, and a statement of its immediate aftermath on Instagram.

McGregor was riding a bike in his native Ireland when he was struck from behind by a vehicle whose driver was blinded by the sun’s glare. Thankfully, McGregor escaped without any major injuries. As seen in the Instagram post below, the driver later gave McGregor a ride home.

In the latest edition of The BroMalley Show, UFC bantamweight star ‘Sugar’ Sean O’Malley and his brother Daniel O’Malley addressed Conor McGregor’s near-death bike accident:

“Conor McGregor almost got ran over by a f**king car while he was riding his bike. I think he’s had a little scratch on his bu**. But I wonder if, you know, that could have been a life-changing moment. That could be like, holy — Imagine we wake up, and it was, ‘Conor McGregor dies. Got ran over by a car.’ That would be crazy.”

Additionally, ‘Sugar’ referenced the reopening of a physical assault case allegedly involving McGregor. ‘The Notorious’ was accused of physically attacking and threatening to drown a 42-year-old Irishwoman during his birthday celebrations on a yacht in Ibiza, Spain, in July 2022.

As reported by Marca, the Guardia Civil (Spain’s national police force) closed the case owing to contradictory statements by the woman. However, the woman filed another report in Ireland, thereby leading to the case being reopened. McGregor’s spokesperson Karen Kessler subsequently refuted the allegations.

Sean O’Malley, for his part, jested that the woman was probably talking trash and deserved to be hit. Furthermore, ‘Sugar’ suggested that it’s tough to believe people who accuse someone as rich and famous as McGregor, as they’re probably trying to ensnare him with wrongful accusations and extort money from him.

Watch O’Malley discuss the topic at 2:35 in the video below:


Conor McGregor’s much-awaited potential comeback in 2023

Conor McGregor’s most recent fight was a lightweight matchup against Dustin Poirier in July 2021. McGregor suffered a gruesome leg injury during the fight and lost via first-round TKO.

The former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion has been on hiatus ever since, but has vowed to return to the octagon this year. Moreover, McGregor recently claimed that he’s received an offer to coach on the latest season of the UFC’s TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) reality show.

There’s speculation that Tony Ferguson could be McGregor’s rival coach and opponent on TUF, but nothing has been officially announced by the UFC yet. It’s also believed that McGregor’s highly-anticipated comeback fight could see him return to the welterweight division.

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