“Dansby at 6 is a joke,” “Jeremy Peña was the literal definition of mid”


Shortstop is one of the most iconic positions in the MLB, and there is incredible talent in the position. Shortstops are frequently expected to excel defensively while being consistent offensive players at the plate. The position requires an astonishing diversity of skills, which makes it challenging to play. There is an argument to be made that the talent at the position right now is historic.

Ranking the top ten was always going to yield controversial results considering the position. There are superstar shortstops across the MLB, and their importance to their respective teams cannot be overstated.

The New York Yankees used to be the kings of this position with Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. Now, their shortstop doesn’t even approach the top ten.

MLB Network shared the rankings made by fan votes on Twitter.

Fans around the league instantly found issues with the list, but not where you might expect. Many agree with the placement of Trea Turner and Francisco Lindor in the top two positions. They both play in the vaunted National League East, on the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Mets, respectively. Lists like these will never appease anybody who wants to defend their favorite players.

@MLBNetwork @MLBNow Trea Turner at No. 1 is goodPeña over Correa is surprisingGood to see Witt Jr back at short, he’s destined for a big season in 2023.

Trouble arrived at Houston Astros rookie Jeremy Pena in the number three spot. He had an excellent rookie campaign, including a brilliant postseason run culminating in a championship. There could be an element of recency bias that led to his placement being higher in the rankings than expected.

Jeremy Peña was the literal definition of mid. He got hot in a tiny sample size in the postseason. Recency bias at its finestSeager being at 8 is ridiculous twitter.com/mlbnetwork/sta…


Seeing younger players like Oneil Cruz and Jeremy Pena on the list is encouraging for the future of the position. There is a lot to look forward to for these young players as they continue to develop. They could be the names topping the list as some of the best players in the MLB in just a few years.

@MLBNetwork @MLBNow I feel like Bo should be higher but I do really like seeing the young guys on there

@MLBNetwork @MLBNow Tommy Edmond is the most underrated player in baseball and it’s not close.

The talent across the MLB is staggering, and no position is more stacked than shortstop.

The future of the MLB is in good hands with their shortstop talent across the league

Pittsburgh Pirates v Miami Marlins
Pittsburgh Pirates v Miami Marlins

This offseason has seen some of the biggest contracts ever being handed out. This is an excellent sign of the league’s growth and the players’ ability within it. Carlos Correa agreed to over $800 million in one offseason! Only one of those deals went through, but the point stands.

As the league continues to expand, it will look to its shortstops as some of its biggest stars.

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