Dead Social Network ‘Orkut’ Trends On Twitter As Chaos Under Musk Deepens

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Dead Social Network 'Orkut' Trends On Twitter As Chaos Under Musk Deepens

Some users termed Orkut as the “original social media”. (Representational)

New Delhi:

Twitter seems to have descended into deeper chaos since its new boss Elon Musk issued an ultimatum asking employees to commit to a “hardcore” working environment or accept a buyout.

Reports suggested that the move triggered a mass resignation at Twitter after which hashtags like “RIP Twitter” and “Damn Twitter” started trending on the platform. While many users bid adieu to Twitter, some were reminded of Orkut, an old social networking site which shut down in 2014.

The Twitter fiasco evoked nostalgia for many users who recalled using Orkut through amusing memes and posts.

“Us 90’s kids recollecting their nostalgic memories of 2008 upon seeing Orkut trending high on this haywired Twitter,” wrote a user.

Another said, “Twitter’s sudden death will never be as traumatic as watching Orkut gradually depopulate and decay.”

“Once upon a time there was a social media named Orkut. good old days,” a comment read.

Twitter users had many memories associated with Orkut.

Some called for bringing back Orkut and many joined the chorus.

Another asked, “I am shifting to Orkut. Anybody coming?”

One termed Orkut as the “original social media”.

Orkut definitely enjoyed massive popularity before other social media platforms took over.

One user churned out a hilarious meme for the situation.

This one recalled the experience of using the classic networking site.

“Put your hands up if you recall all those scraps, testimonials, communities etc. It was way ahead of its time and dayum I still miss it,” a comment read.

One asserted, “Orkut was the OG social media and shall remain the best for Millenials like us.”

So, have you ever used Orkut?

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