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Pathaan Actress Rachel Ann Mullins On Shah Rukh Khan: 'Didn't Know Who He Was'

Rachel Ann Mullins posted this picture (courtesy: rachelannmullins)

American model and actress Rachel Ann Mullins, who has a role in Pathaan, didn’t know who Shah Rukh Khan was until she filmed with him. Ms Mullins, who plays a Russian spy in the newly-released action thriller, told Hindustan Times, “I’m going to catch some ire for this but I didn’t know who he was until we worked together. One of the assistant directors explained that he was a big deal. We had a nice day together and it turns out we share the same birthday.” Their shared birthday is on November 2 – Shah Rukh Khan is 57, Rachel Ann Mullins is 34.

While she didn’t know who Shah Rukh Khan was, Rachel Ann Mullins appears to have heard of Deepika Padukone. “I knew nothing about Pathaan when I booked it. Not even the title, but when I saw Deepika Padukone’s name on wardrobe trunks while I was shooting at the Yash Raj studio in Mumbai., I knew that this film was going to be very big. She’s so incredibly gorgeous,” Ms Mullins told Hindustan Times.

The actress also revealed that she was in the Maldives when she received the casting call and went straight to Mumbai for a costume fitting.

Pathaan released on January 25 and collected a record-breaking Rs 55 crore at the Indian box-office on Day 1. “I’ve gotten so much love because of it. Watching the response from fans the world over has left me with my jaw on the floor,” Rachel Ann Mullins told Hindustan Times.

She’s also impressed by Bollywood’s multi-talented actors. “Everyone in Bollywood can sing, dance and act in equal measure. That is a real rarity in Hollywood,” Ms Mullins said, “Modern Bollywood is more like old Hollywood.”

Pathaan, directed by Siddharth Anand, is set in Yash Raj Films’ spy universe with SRK, as Pathaan, and Deepika Padukone playing the agents. Pathaan‘s big bad is agent-gone-rogue Jim, played by John Abraham.

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