Do Paladins retain their old selves?


Black Clover chapter 349 spoilers were released throughout this week, bringing with them some exciting developments for the series. It seems that Asta and Sister Lily will begin their fight in the upcoming issue, likely continuing it for several chapters beyond as well.

Black Clover chapter 349 spoilers also spent some time focusing on the latter’s reactions to Asta being alive, as well as a brief explanation of what happens to someone who has become a Paladin. While the series’ explanation here was somewhat shocking to fans, it certainly explains Sister Lily’s behavior in the issue as well as how Asta was able to survive their previous encounter.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Black Clover manga.

Black Clover chapter 349 finally answers long-standing question of whether or not the original Sister Lily exists

Brief recap

Black Clover chapter 349 spoilers begin with Heath having a brief flashback to his fight with Asta, before being interrupted by Yosuga saying he’ll be Heath’s opponent. Lily then asks why Asta is alive, before confirming that she intended to kill him rather than send him here. Asta, however, says that can’t be the case, as the Sister Lily he knows wouldn’t try to kill him when being manipulated.

The latter, however, denies this, saying she truly doesn’t want Asta alive and using her Fist of Love spell on him made him reminisce about his childhood. Lily then says she can’t use her enforced spatial travel spell on him unless he’s immobile, confirming she did forcibly teleport him previously. She asks Asta why he didn’t just die previously, before using a combo spell and shouting that he needs to die for the sake of the world.

Black Clover chapter 349 spoilers then see Asta say he won’t let Lily kill him, prompting her to add that she doesn’t want to kill him either. It’s then explained that the belief of “Lucius is right” is ingrained into and prioritized in the souls of the Paladins. However, they’re technically still themselves, with just some serious overriding of their souls. The issue then ends as Asta says Lucius isn’t right, slashing Lily in the process and hoping she’ll return to her former self.

Do Paladins retain their old selves?

#BCSpoilers !! –This breaks my heart so much. I read that they still have their personalities but just follow every order Lucius gives them. I can just imagine what Sister bc Lily’s inner monologue must be right now. Lily is probably recalling Asta‘a life during the fight

As explained above and in the chapter’s spoilers, the Paladins do indeed retain their old selves. The series allegedly shows as much in the upcoming issue, with Sister Lily expressing a desire to not kill Asta either despite having just said that he needs to die. The contradiction is a result of the former’s true feelings being at odds with the “Lucius is right” belief forced onto her.

Combined with the alleged fact that the series’ narrator explains this to readers in Black Clover chapter 349, it’s clear that the Paladins are still themselves and retain their old personalities. Their subservience to Lucius and agreement with his goals, wishes, and desires comes from their being forced to via an imprint on their souls, rather than their old self being fully eliminated and replaced.

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