“Do something different” – NFL analyst demands Cowboys to hold Mike McCarthy accountable for playoff loss


Mike McCarthy is, once again, sitting on the couch after his team came up short in a playoff game. The Cowboys head coach hasn’t been fired, but one NFL analyst is pressuring the team to change that. Speaking on “Get Up,” NFL analyst Chris Canty explained the hard move that the team needs to make:

“They got to fire the head coach. If you’re not going to be able to move on from the quarterback, then what’s your alternative? I don’t think that this tandem, the head coach and the quarterback, are going to get Jerry Jones to where he wants to go.”

Will Mike McCarthy coach the Cowboys in 2023?

He continued, explaining that they have no choice if they want a different result:

“So the only option you have is to address the coaching staff because the quarterback is going to be there. If they cut that Prescott, it’s going to be a $90 million dead cap hit. If they trade [him], it’s going to be a $60 million dead cap hit. Dak is going to be your quarterback in 2023… You’ve got to do something different.”


Mike McCarthy wraps strongest season since 2014

Mike McCarthy at NFC Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers
Mike McCarthy at NFC Divisional Playoffs – Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers

McCarthy is getting heat from all sides, but most cannot deny this was the head coach’s winningest season in nearly a decade. The last time the head coach won 12 games and reached the divisional round of the playoffs was in 2014 with Aaron Rodgers.


He lost his starting quarterback for nearly a third of the season and found a way to keep Cooper Rush’s offense in ball games, starting the season from scratch with an 0-1 record. With a struggling Dak Prescott coming off injury, the team continued to win, putting together multiple winning streaks and avoiding a single losing season.

Jerry Jones: “Mike, don’t embarrass me with the last play of the season again”Mike McCarthy: “Say less” https://t.co/9Z3aIy2IV2

Then, in the Wild Card of the playoffs, he helped give the franchise their first road playoff win in about 30 years over Tom Brady, who had not lost in the Wild Card round with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before. Of course, not breaking through the San Francisco 49ers for a second consecutive season has fans on edge, but others realize what the head coach did bring to the table.

I can’t stop laughing. This is so god damn funny. I love Mike McCarthy so much https://t.co/adIF50Yk4i

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