El Paso braces for migrant crisis as Title 42 hits Supreme Court

USA News

JUÁREZ, Mexico – With the future of Title 42 migrant expulsions in limbo, migrants watched and waited in this Mexican border city for any sign their luck could change.

Kelson Joseph has spent the past year in Juárez waiting for a shift in U.S. immigration policy.

He stood on the south bank of the Rio Grande on Monday and looked north. The 26-year-old Haitian had crossed the better part of the Western Hemisphere to arrive here, working in Brazil for a time and then at a Juárez assembly plant. His Mexican work permit had run out; he longed to reunite with friends and family in California.

What would the end of Title 42 mean for him? The Biden administration intended to lift the order Wednesday, but its fate may rest with the Supreme Court.

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