Ex Meta Employee Says He Got Box Labelled “Leaver” From Company A Month After Getting Fired

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Ex Meta Employee Says He Got Box Labelled 'Leaver' From Company A Month After Getting Fired

Meta has fired around 11,000 employees so far in mass layoffs.

A former Meta employee has claimed that he received a box from his old company labelled “Leaver”, a month after being laid off from the tech giant. 

In a Twitter post, Matt Motyl revealed that in December, Meta sent him a box containing two Christmas ornaments displaying emojis – one “wow” face and one “sad” face. He stated that the company did not send any note explaining the bizarre box, but Instead, they labelled the parcel “leaver”. 

“So… a month after being laid off, Meta sends me a box labeled “leaver” containing “sad” & “wow” emoji Christmas tree ornaments. There was no note explaining this; just a random box for “leaver.” Merry Christmas to me. Any other “leavers” get something like this?” Mr Motyl wrote in the caption of the post. 

Take a look below: 

In the comment section, Mr Motyl further clarified that apart from the two emoji-faced rubber stamps, the box contained nothing but an enormous amount of packing paper. He also stated that it was not a prank by a friend as the box contained Meta’s office mailing label. 

“Official Meta office mailing label and all. Inside the box the reactions were in an intraoffice manilla envelope with my personal seat ID number and some other stuff that is not publicly viewable,” Mr Motyl wrote in the comments. 

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In a separate post, Mr Motyl said that he received four large boxes from Meta so that he could return the Quest 1 virtual reality headset and controller he had received from the company. “The saga continues. Meta didn’t include a barcode for me to return an old Quest 1 I dogfooded, so instead of emailing 1, they sent me 4 boxes (3 are 4’x3’x8″; 1 is 40″x4’x8′). Each contained a single piece of paper and a return mailing label (depicted below)…” he wrote. 

The former Meta employee also went on to say that he had heard from other ex-employees about strange things delivered to them from the company. “Some folks have DMed me saying that they also received random things. 1 person said he received a box of several open bourbon bottles that he recalled seeing near his desk before the layoffs,” Mr Motyl wrote

Meanwhile, internet users were quick to react to Mr Motyl’s Twitter post. While some called Meta’s “gift” a “low blow”, others simply said that the box “makes no sense”. 

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“I’m so sorry, Matt. What a poorly thought-out low blow,” wrote one user. “It’s bizarre. I can’t see any point to it. They’re pointless items and I can’t see any relevance in it. I just keep wondering ‘why?'” said another. 

A third user commented, “This is so incredibly insensitive. I’m so sorry. I hope your next place appreciates you more,” while a fourth added, “Oof, this feels petty and rude. Especially with the emojis they chose to send… Were they packed in salt too?”

Notably, Meta has fired around 11,000 employees so far in mass layoffs. 

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