Fans call for 2-time WWE Champion’s return at the Royal Rumble this weekend


With WWE’s Royal Rumble event taking place this weekend, fans have been predicting and fantasy booking dream scenarios and surprises. One particularly popular notion has been a desire to see controversial AEW star CM Punk return at the event.

Punk departed WWE in 2014 with his last appearance coming during the event’s namesake match. He entered first, making the final four before he was eliminated by Kane, despite the ‘Corporate Demon’ already being dumped from the match. Punk walked out of the company afterwards, being released later, and left professional wrestling altogether for seven years. He has since returned in 2021 as he signed with AEW.

His future with AEW has been a topic of discussion since September, after the ‘Brawl Out’ incident in Chicago. He has not been seen in a wrestling capacity since, leading to speculation he may be on his way out of the company. If he were to leave and remain in pro wrestling, then a return to WWE would only make sense. Further to that point, there could perhaps be no greater return than in the Rumble match.

Fans have made it clear that’s exactly what they want to happen, even if most conceded it as nigh-on impossible.

@SKWrestling_ I know it’s not going to happen but if CM Punk did enter the pop would be Heard around the world…lol

@SKWrestling_ There is a better chance I will be in the Royal Rumble than CM Punk. I am a free agent and not signed to compete in any wrestling company.

@SKWrestling_ Don’t get hope that CM Punk will show up in Royal Rumble. I don’t have hope for him to show up in Royal Rumble.

my friend at the san antonio airport just sent me thiswow

Despite an indefinite suspension following the incident, there has been nothing to say he has left AEW. Furthermore, he sustained a torn triceps during his All Out match with Jon Moxley and would be hard-pressed to recover in time for this weekend even if he was contractually able.

Former AEW star Cody Rhodes is one of the frontrunners to win WWE’s Royal Rumble

There is another familiar AEW name who will actually be in the Rumble match this weekend. Cody Rhodes, who co-founded the promotion alongside The Elite and Tony Khan, has announced he will make his return in the bout.

He has been out injured since Hell in a Cell 2022, where he infamously wrestled with a completely torn pectoral muscle. But Rhodes is considered a favorite to win the bout on his return.

He has made it abundantly clear he is on the hunt for the world title since returning to the company last year. Winning the Rumble match this weekend woud be the most straightforward method of doing so, ensuring a WrestleMania title shot presumably against Roman Reigns.

Who do you think will win the Royal Rumble? Share your predictions below.

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