FIFA 23 TOTY 88+ Prime, Mid or WC Icon Upgrade SBC


The 88+ Prime, Mid or WC Icon Upgrade SBC is once again available in FIFA 23, and this inclusion has been made while the Team of the Year promo is active. Although the latest challenge doesn’t guarantee a TOTY item, players can add a guaranteed Icon card for their Ultimate Team squads by completing it.

Icons are quite valuable for a few reasons, including their boosted stats. These items are associated with footballers who retired from football as legends. They offer a sense of nostalgia and contribute to fulfilling the chemistry requirements of squads. Add to that their low supply via packs and these cards become seem valuable when they become available through a challenge.

Now that it’s been established that the new inclusion has decent rewards to offer, let’s take a look at the tasks that are part of the 88+ Prime, Mid or WC Icon Upgrade SBC. This will allow players to understand the fodder required to complete the challenges in it. Moreover, this article will also help FIFA 23 players decide if the Squad Building Challenge is worth their resources and time.

FIFA 23 players have another shot at the 88+ Prime, Mid or WC Icon Upgrade SBC while the TOTY promo is active

The 88+ Prime, Mid or WC Icon Upgrade SBC appeared last week, but there’s a slight change associated with the tasks in the new one. You will have to complete three challenges, along with their respective conditions, and you will then be rewarded with an Icon card.


Task 1: 83 – Rated Squad

  • IF players: Min 1
  • Minimum OVR of 85 : Min 1
  • Squad rating: Min 83
  • # of players in the squad: 11

Task 2: 85 – Rated Squad

  • Squad rating: Min 85
  • # of players in the squad: 11

Task 3: 86 – Rated Squad

  • Squad rating: Min 86
  • # of players in the squad: 11

To complete the 88+ Prime, Mid or WC Icon Upgrade SBC, you will require about 220,000 FUT coins. The FIFA 23 Squad Building Challenge can be completed up to three times, meaning you can attempt it multiple times if you want to.

Moreover, you can also reduce the aforementioned completion cost. This can be done using fodder from your collection. Even doing so partially will bring down the final cost, making the challenge much more affordable. Moreover, the saved coins can be utilized elsewhere where the fodder can’t be used.


You can take a patient to the new SBC since it expires on February 4, 2023. This means that you’ll get to use weekly rewards from different events in the Squad Building Challenge. It’s advisable to utilize as much fodder from your own collection as possible. The big reason for this is the nature of the rewards of this 88+ Prime, Mid or WC Icon Upgrade SBC.

After completing the FIFA 23 challenge, you will get a guaranteed Icon card. All eligible rewards have an overall of 88 or higher and will be either Mid or Prime versions.

Moreover, you can also find World Cup Icon variants of items that were introduced in November 2022. These special Icon cards were released to celebrate the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. You can’t find these exclusive versions in packs; the only alternative is to get them from the market, which can be costly.

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