“Greg Olsen is 100 times better than Tony Romo”


Retired NFL tight end Greg Olsen replaced Pro Football Hall of Famer Troy Aikman in the Fox Sports commentary booth after the former Cowboys superstar left the network to join ESPN after the 2021 season.

Fans were skeptical about Olsen, a broadcasting rookie, replacing Aikman, who was part of Fox’s commentary team for two decades. However, the former Carolina Panthers star pleasantly surprised fans and analysts with his performance in the booth, earning plaudits for his insights on the game and crystal clear analysis and explanation.

Some fans and analysts have even crowned him the best color commentator over Tony Romo, who is widely regarded as the cream of the crop among broadcasters:

Going from Greg Olsen to Tony Romo drooling all over himself is going to be remembered for ages today. Appreciate these moments

Greg Olsen is who we thought Tony Romo was.

Greg Olsen is 100 times better than Tony Romo in the booth

no disrespect to Romo but..Greg Olsen > Tony Romo

Greg Olsen is the anti-Tony Romo, in that he’s actually a very good analyst.

Greg Olsen is a much better listen analyzing the game than Romo. Not doing all the extras

Greg Olsen > Tony Romo and if you disagree you’re wrong

It’s borderline unbelievable how much better Greg Olsen is than Tony Romo at calling games.

Greg Olsen is a much better announcer than Tony Romo, all Romo says now is nonsense.

Greg Olsen explaining why zone reads runs go to the weak side so often was great, he’s one of the best right now, better than Romo.

Tom Brady to cut short Greg Olsen’s broadcasting career?

Greg Olsen’s budding reputation as one of the best color commentators in the game likely won’t earn him a long-term deal at Fox. The network signed Tom Brady to a 10-year, $375 million deal to be their lead broadcaster once he retires from the NFL.

Brady hasn’t committed to playing next season, but the odds of him retiring remain low. The quarterback is a free agent and will weigh his options before deciding whether he wants to return for another season, his 24th in the NFL.

Olsen’s future in the Fox commentary booth is heavily dependent on Brady’s decision. If the quarterback retires, he’ll be in the booth next season. If he returns for another campaign. the network will retain Olsen for at least another season.

The best-case scenario for Olsen is his budding reputation, helping him land a full-time job at another network. So far, the retired tight end has done his chances no harm.

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