GTA Online Gun Van location for January 28, 2023


Since it was added to GTA Online, the Gun Van has changed its location every day. For those unaware, the automobile is used to run an illegal weapons trading business where the dealer sells the latest firearms at black market prices. The van presents a great opportunity for those who want to purchase a Railgun or any other item for their arsenal and save a lot of hard-earned money in the process.

However, the seller can be anywhere in the game’s open world. This could make locating it extremely frustrating. To ensure players don’t have to spend hours looking for the vehicle, this article will provide the location of the GTA Online Gun Van for today, January 28, 2023.

GTA Online Gun Van can be found at Hearty Taco in Mirror Park on Jan 28


As can be seen in the clip above, the GTA Online Gun Van can be found near Hearty Taco, an American and Mexican-style restaurant in Mirror Park. Players can spot the mobile business parked behind the building in its parking lot.

This is the second time the seller has chosen this place to operate the business. He will open the back doors of the Speedo Custom once gamers start approaching it. The latest weekly update has also added and removed some of the weapons sold by the vehicle, reshuffling the stock and discounts for the next six days.

Here is a complete list of available armor, throwables, and weapons players can get from the Gun Van this week:

  • Standard Armor – 55% off
  • Baseball Bat – Free
  • Minigun – 10% off
  • Molotov Cocktails – 55% off
  • Super Light Armor – 55% off
  • Standard Armor – 55% off
  • Military Rifle – 40% off
  • Grenades – 55% off
  • Sticky Bombs – 55% off
  • Super Heavy Armor – 55% off
  • Marksman Rifle – 10% off
  • Railgun – 10% off
  • Combat Pistol – 10% off
  • Heavy Armor – 55% off
  • Light Armor – 55% off

Xbox Series X/S and PS5 players who are subscribed to GTA+ membership can see the Gun Van icon on the map at all times. This eliminates the need to find the vehicle.

Learn more about the Mirror Park location in GTA Online


Mirror Park is a suburban neighborhood in GTA Online located on the East Vinewood side of Los Santos, which is based on the real-life Silver Lake and Echo Park in Los Angeles. It has the following in-game areas on each of its sides:

  • Tataviam Mountains – East
  • Vinewood Racetrack – North
  • Murrieta Heights – South
  • East Vinewood – West

The Mirror Park area is home to many post-ironic hipsters with Issi cars who drink Bean Machine coffee. The entire area seems to be designed primarily for the middle class due to the average-sized residences, a central park, and many buildings under construction throughout the place.


Each house is lined perfectly with the streets, with a big park in the center. The south-east area of this location serves as a region of commerce where many businesses operate, including:

  • Vinewood Sole
  • The Freakshop (New)
  • Squeeze One Out
  • Still Slipping Los Santos (2020)
  • Reflex Nails
  • New Do Barber Shop
  • Mirror Park Railyard
  • Mirror Park Tavern
  • Mirror Fashion
  • Mini Retro
  • Mile High Organics
  • Limited Service
  • Leroy’s Electricals
  • Horny’s Burgers
  • Herr Kutz Barber
  • Hearty Taco
  • Gabriela’s Market

If players want to save money while purchasing weapons and armor, the Gun Van is the best place to visit this week.

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