Harsh Goenka Says People Are Underestimating Elon Musks Genius, Calls Him Ahead Of His Time

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Harsh Goenka Says People Are Underestimating Elon Musk's ''Genius'', Calls Him ''Ahead Of His Time''

This is not the first time Mr Goenka has praised Elon Musk

After acquiring Twitter, billionaire Elon Musk is facing a tide of criticism for his controversial policies and abrupt lay-offs. From nearly half of the workforce getting sacked to the mass resignation of employees triggered by the billionaire’s “hardcore” ultimatum, Mr Musk has earned brickbats from all corners. However, Indian businessman Harsh Goenka has come to the billionaire’s defence and said people are “underestimating the genius of Elon Musk”.

Stating that there must be “a method to his madness”, Goenka noted that Musk was ahead of his time with his other companies like Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company. “He surely has a game plan with Twitter which we just can’t comprehend. Let’s give him time before we predict its death,” Mr Goenka tweeted. 

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This is not the first time Mr Goenka has praised Elon Musk’s ”genius”. Last week, the RPG Enterprises chairman shared an old video of Elon Musk where the billionaire shared how he worked really hard in his initial days. The video he shared is from 2014 when the Tesla and SpaceX CEO delivered a speech at the USC (University of Southern California) Marshall School of Business’s undergraduate ceremony.

In the video, Mr Musk shared how he and his brother started their first company in a small office and not an apartment. and how he slept on the couch. Musk also advised people to work every waking hour, especially those in the early stages of starting a business. A week back, Elon Musk’s mother, Maye Musk, also defended her billionaire son and urged his critics to “stop being mean to him”. Maye Musk was interviewed as part of a BBC documentary where she described the world’s richest person as a “genius”.

Elon Musk recently issued an ultimatum to Twitter staff requiring them to commit to a hardcore work environment or accept a buyout. Following this, hundreds of employees resigned before the deadline of the ultimatum. 

Over the past few weeks, Musk has also been firing those who oppose or disagree with him, often through public tweets. His new $8 per month verification system has also seen users with a blue tick mark pretend to be major corporations, athletes, politicians and celebrities, making it increasingly difficult to identify which profiles are legitimate.

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