“He’s Everywhere”: Virat Kohli’s Instagram Story About MS Dhoni Goes Viral


Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni enjoy a great camaradrie and Kohli has time and time again spoken about the love and respect he has for the 2011-World Cup winning captain. Earlier this year, Kohli had revealed that Dhoni was the only person to text him when he decided to step down as the Test captain. He then went on to reveal that Dhoni’s message uplifted him. On Monday, Kohli posted an Instagram story about Dhoni on how the former India skipper is everywhere.

Kohli shared a picture of a water bottle, in which Dhoni’s image is used for advertisement purpose.

“He’s everywhere. Even on the water bottle,” Kohli wrote on his Instagram story.


Earlier, speaking on RCB Podcast, Kohli has revealed what Dhoni texted him during the lean patch and how the message “hit home” for him.

“The only person who has genuinely reached out to me has been MS Dhoni. And for me that is such a blessing to know that I could have such a strong bond and such a strong relationship with someone who is such a senior to me where things are, it is a friendship which is based on a lot of mutual respect,” Kohli said on RCB Podcast.

“It is one of the things he mentioned in the same message reaching out to me, that when you are expected to be strong and looked at as strong individual, people forget to ask how are you doing? So, it hit home to me, it was like this is it,” he added.

When Dhoni had announced his international retirement in 2020, not many can forget the kind of posts Kohli had put out on his social media, showing the great camaraderie between the two. Kohli and Dhoni are two of the fastest runners between the wickets and their partnerships always showed the kind of trust they had in each other’s calls.

Dhoni had also groomed Kohli as the leader, and there were many instances when Kohli decided to take the opinion of the former India skipper when the going got tough during a game.

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