“He’s the only bad player in basketball history…”


Kenny Smith had a chance to play alongside Michael Jordan before Jordan became the biggest superstar in the NBA. Both played for North Carolina, which became an opportunity for Smith to play with and against Jordan during team practices in their offseason.

Smith shared another great Jordan story as he appeared as a guest on the “Draymond Green Show.” He shared his personal experiences with the Chicago Bulls legend while they were in college.

“He was the first guy that I saw that could back up everything he said,” Smith said. “He could back it up. I always said to him, I’m like, ‘Yo, you’re the perfect basketball body.’ He’s like, ‘What do you mean?’ I’m like, ‘You’re 6-foot-6, you can play with the bigs. And you’re 6-foot-6, and you can guard the smalls and you have super athleticism.

“One thing that I thought he didn’t have when I was a freshman, was his ballhandling. He was good at darting to the rim, but he couldn’t shake you. He’s the only bad player in basketball history that the things he came in, that was his weaknesses, were his strengths when he left the league.”


Smith talked about Jordan’s improvement in his ballhandling before Jordan was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 1984. Like most stories, MJ’s dedication to improving on his weaknesses is evident in Smith’s testimony to the iconic player. With this story, we can confirm that Jordan’s desire to always be the best has clearly started at a young age.

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Kenny Smith believes that his Houston Rockets team could’ve beaten Michael Jordan and the Bulls in the Finals

2022 NBA All-Star Game
2022 NBA All-Star Game

Michael Jordan was one of the best NBA players ever. But Hakeem Olajuwon was close behind as being the best player during that time, as he consistently led the Houston Rockets to multiple playoff appearances.

One finals matchup that fans weren’t able to witness was a seven-game series between Olajuwon’s Rockets and Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. That would’ve happened if MJ hadn’t taken some time off in the middle of his prime, missing the 1993-94 season and most of the 1994-95 season.

According to Smith, who played for the Rockets, Houston would’ve beaten Chicago in a finals, even with Jordan on the roster. He defended this take on the “Draymond Green Show.”

“I’m actually glad that we didn’t play them, because I love the resume that he has that he’s never lost in the finals,” Smith said. “Because as a basketball fan, I think that’s a great resume. But they would not have beat us.

“They had trouble with us. Even when they were winning championships, they used to come to Houston, they get Ls. … I don’t think they would’ve beat us. I think they were too little.”


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