How I Designed My Custom Wedding Band

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  • I used jewelry brand Noémie to design a custom wedding band that would work with my teardrop engagement ring.
  • The process was fun and easy, and it took less than a month from start to finish. 
  • You don’t pay a markup for the custom design; my final ring design was priced similarly to “off the shelf” options.

I never had a proper wedding ring. When my husband and I got married almost four years ago, finding an off-the-shelf ring that worked with the teardrop shape of my engagement ring proved difficult. Eventually we ran over budget for the wedding, so we just got him a cheap band off of Amazon and I decided my engagement ring could double as my wedding ring for the time being. 

Well, “the time being” turned into three and a half years. I had almost put a wedding ring out of my mind completely when an opportunity came up to review online jeweler Noémie by working with the brand on my own custom wedding ring. Given my difficulty finding something premade that matched the shape, color, and design of my existing ring, I was curious to see if going custom made the process any easier without breaking the bank. Read on for my experience working with Noémie to design a custom ring from start to finish.

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