How Many People Has Joe Goldberg Killed So Far in ‘You’? Every Person Joe Goldberg Has Killed in ‘You’, Listed


joe goldberg in You

As far as shows that radiate unsettling energy go, You has got a large slice of the cake. It’s a series that straddles the genre lines and gives us everything we’re looking for in a psychological thriller. Only problem is that our main character is a white man that stalks women and occasionally kills them. Joe is the epitome of a man who continually romanticizes and justifies his behavior when it comes to women.

I’ll admit that some of his victims aren’t people we’re wasting tissue boxes on. He’s murdered some despicable human beings (usually for his own selfish reasons) and it makes us not totally hate him in those moments. How many folks has he murdered across three seasons (we’ll see how many deaths come in Season 4)? Keep reading if you want a refresher.

Flashback victims:

  • Joe’s step-dad
  • Elijah Thornton (played by Esteban Bentio)

Benji (Season 1)

benji in the glass cage in You

Portrayed by: Lou Taylor Pucci

Despite how much of a fuck boy Benji was, he didn’t necessarily deserve to die. His death happened because he was becoming an inconvenience to Joe, rather than it being solely due to the horrible hazing video that Benji unearthed to grant his freedom. The way he died too was a bit horrific, drinking a coffee with peanut oil in it and triggering a fatal allergic reaction. Essentially, being honest about his allergies to Joe made it easy to kill him.

Peach Salinger (Season 1)

peach in You s1

Played by: Shay Mitchell

Even though Peach wasn’t exactly a perfect person (she was also doing creepy shit), she wasn’t remotely on the level of Joe. But in his eyes, she was the creep, and he was the protector. This led him to follow her and Beck (Elizabeth Lail) to the Salinger’s family estate in “Amour Fou” (Season 1, Episode 6). Once Beck left in a huff, Joe emerged out in the open and Peach rightfully pulled a gun on him. Despite her initially having the upper hand, Joe killed her on the front lawn and staged it like a suicide. Her book death is even more disturbing, believe me.

Ron (Season 1)

ron in You s1

Played by: Daniel Cosgrove

Ron was an abusive piece of shit and therefore no loss was felt when Joe killed him. What’s unfortunate is that killing Ron is a narrative way to make Joe seem less monstrous. Joe stabbed him in the neck to save Paco (who really sucks by the way) from the hands of Ron.

Beck (Season 1)

beck in the cage in You s1

Played by: Elizabeth Lail

Beck is literally a victim of stalking and complete violation and realizes it too late. And while she was annoying as well as dysfunctional, it didn’t mean she deserved to die. Essentially, she’s killed because she won’t accept Joe being a stalker who murdered people she knew. It’s quite sickening because she almost gets away and then is strangled to death by Joe in the basement of Mooney’s. In season 2 of You we get to see the marks on Beck’s neck by way of hallucination (or ghost?).

Jasper (Season 2)


Played by: Steven W. Bailey

This guy is literally so basic and unimportant in the grand scheme of things. But he’s the first person that Joe kills in season 2 and it’s pretty gnarly. After Joe murders him, he literally dismembers the body and puts him through a MEAT GRINDER (which we bet he didn’t clean afterwards).

Henderson (Season 2)

henderson in You s2

Played by: Chris D’Elia

This is another death in the series that’s sudden and yet not a tragic loss. Henderson was a predatory celebrity and Joe takes it upon himself to expose him. Henderson attempts to flee Joe’s capture and is accidentally killed by falling down the stairs. A disturbing part of all this is that Chris D’Elia isn’t far from his You character.


ryan in You s3

Played by: Scott Michael Foster

This series has a pattern of making some of Joe’s victims deplorable—with Ryan falling on the scale of being absolutely horrible! Plus, him being the ex-husband of Joe’s Season 3 fixation, Marienne Bellamy (Tati Gabrielle), made it very easy for Joe to murder him. His death isn’t shocking per se but it’s literally the only time Joe kills in Season 3. And it had nothing to do with protecting Love (Victoria Pedretti).

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