I Stayed in the Best-Rated Backpacker’s Hostel in Singapore

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Rules were a common sight in the hostel: From generic house rules to strictly enforced room guidelines, there were dozens of decals on the walls.

Once I noticed one cluster of rules, I began noticing all of them.

Once I noticed one cluster of rules, I began noticing them all.

Marielle Descalsota/Insider

In my first hostel experience, there were only three rules: no hairdryers, no smoking inside, and no noise.

At Dream Lodge, there were dozens of rules plastered on the walls. They masqueraded as decor, and I only noticed them when I took a look at the photos I had taken. 

While many of the rules — which included not eating in the rooms and keeping the room lights switched off from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. — made a lot of sense, others — like “chew swallow speak” — struck me as a bit extreme.

Chen said the hostel has kicked out around 10 guests since they opened because they didn’t follow rules.

“Those bad reviews are those who can’t follow [rules]. They are more alpha in their character,” Chen said.”The rules are more like reminders. We don’t want to step in or say negative things,” he added.

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