I Visited Guy Fieri’s Restaurant on Carnival Cruises + Photos

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The menu lists five burgers, and there’s a language key to decode Fieri’s iconic lingo.

guy's burger joint menu on carnival cruise

Five burgers were on the menu at Guy’s Burger Joint.

Megan duBois

The restaurant is described as a “roadside burger shack,” and it definitely felt like one.

The road signs were the first thing I noticed since they made the restaurant look like it actually sat along the iconic US Route 66. The red tile and dark wood paneling also played into the roadside diner theme without being too over-the-top.

The Guy’s Burger Joint menu only has five burger options, but they encapsulate everything a person might want, from a plain burger to a loaded chili cheeseburger.

When I perused the menu, I noticed a lot of abbreviations. Luckily, there was a key underneath to help. It explained that “LTOP” stands for “lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle,” and “SMC” is short for “super melty cheese.”

The line at Guy’s Burger Joint moved quickly, and it never took me more than five minutes to reach the front. 

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