INTERVIEW: Danny Pudi and Naomi Ekperigin Get Fun in Season 3 of ‘Mythic Quest’


Danny Pudi and Naomi Ekperigin in Mythic Quest

Danny Pudi and Naomi Ekperigin are no stranger to comedy. And as Brad and Carol in Mythic Quest, the two have mastered the art of commanding every scene they’re in. Which is great in season 3 as they are working together more and more.

Getting to talk with Pudi and Ekperigin about their characters in season 3 was fun because at the end of season 2, Brad was taken away and fired from Mythic Quest and Carol was still working at the company despite seemingly hating everyone there. In season 3, we get to see both Brad and Carol working together (when Brad comes back to Mythic Quest to work there after he gets out of prison) and their dynamic together is amazing.

When I asked about working off of each other, both Pudi and Ekperigin gushed about working together. “It’s nice if I have that rhythm,” Pudi said. “I think there’s like a- we have a fun, playful rhythm. It’s also nice knowing that these two characters, in order for this to happen, they have to be…Carol’s gotta be at a certain place in order to allow Brad-“

And much like the hilarious back and forth the two have in the show, Ekperigin started to make jokes about how Carol had to be in a “dark” place in order to be looking at Brad. Pudi went on to talk about though how “But Carol’s always known that you can’t trust Brad. And so there’s this awareness. I love that about Carol is that people come, they’ll sit on her couch, they’ll talk to her, they’ll reveal everything to her, you know, and she’s okay with it somehow, I think. So I think you’re seeing two people who are vulnerable in this moment in time, figuring out how to, I guess, rise out of it.”

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