Israeli Soldier Sings National Anthem, Plays Piano In Home Destroyed By Hamas

Watch: Israeli Soldier Sings National Anthem, Plays Piano In Home Destroyed By Hamas

Israel’s aerial bombardment of Gaza has so far killed over 4,100 people.

Amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, a video showing an Israeli soldier singing the country’s national anthem inside a home destroyed by the Palestinian group has surfaced online. The clip was shared on X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday by Israel Defence Forces (IDF). The soldier, trying to come to terms with the barbaric act of terror unleashed by the Hamas operatives on October 7, sang his national anthem ‘Hatikvah’ and played piano in a home destroyed by the Palestinian group.

“In a destroyed home in a community attacked by Hamas terrorists, a soldier sings the Israeli anthem. Hamas will not ruin our spirits,” IDF wrote in the caption.

Watch the video below:

Since being shared, the clip has garnered more than 243,000 views and over 8,500 likes.

The war ignited after Hamas stormed into Israel from the Gaza Strip, taking more than 200 hostages and killing at least 1,400 people. Since then, Israel has declared a total siege on Gaza and cut off supplies of water, electricity, fuel and food, creating chronic shortages. The country also launched a bombing campaign which has levelled entire city blocks in Gaza, so far killing over 4,000 Palestinians.

Israel has also laid out three phases in its war against Hamas, at the end of which they plan to establish a “new security regime” in the Gaza Strip. Defence Minister Yoav Gallant said the initial and current phase of incessant strikes across the Palestinian territory would be followed by “neutralising terrorists and destroying Hamas infrastructure”.

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The subsequent stage will take not “a day, nor a week, nor a month”, Mr Gallant told parliament’s foreign affairs and defence committee. He said that the final aim is to remove any responsibility Israel has over Gaza by creating a new “security regime” in the region. “The military campaign will put in place a new security reality for the citizens of Israel”, he said.

Notably, last week, Israel’s military last week ordered more than a million residents of northern Gaza to flee to the south. This prompted Palestinians to argue the army was seeking the permanent mass displacement of residents.

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