Jason Parillo talks about Luke Rockhold’s fighting future


Since announcing his retirement from mixed martial arts, Luke Rockhold has been making noise lately and seemingly plans on returning to combat sports in the near future, prompting coach Jason Parillo to give his opinion on the situation.

The 38-year-old veteran bowed out of the sport after suffering his third straight loss inside the octagon, though he earned a lot of fans for his gritty performance last time out. At UFC 278, the AKA representative was on the wrong side of a unanimous decision in a strange but fascinating matchup against Paulo Costa.

During a recent interview, Jason Parillo discussed what gave Luke Rockhold the urge to return, and although he insists boxing is a tough sport, he hopes that the ‘hard-training’ middleweight gets a well-deserved big-money fight. He said:

“God bless Luke Rockhold, man. We’ve talked about it plenty of times, his last fight, he’s like, ‘I’m over this sh*t.’ Again, that’s in a cage, the boxing world’s not much easier. You’re still getting cracked in the head, but it’s something he really wants to do.

“Actually, he’s training harder than he did for the Costa fight now, which is crazy… For some reason, he just sparked a hunger. I think being around ‘Chito’ and seeing how hungry ‘Chito’ is all the time reminds him of what it’s like and what you need to do to be the best in the world… I hope he gets a big-money fight, that’d be great.”

While he will go down as one of the greatest 185ers during his prime, the former Strikeforce middleweight champion ended his career in the UFC with an underwhelming record of six wins and five losses.

Check out what Jason Parillo had to say about Luke Rockhold’s future in the video below.


Who does Luke Rockhold want to fight next?

Luke Rockhold was recently granted his release from the UFC and now finds himself in a free agency position with a number of possibilities at his feet, but who is he most interested in facing next?

As revealed by the middleweight himself, he is keen for Jake Paul to start fighting athletes that are his “own f***ing weight” and would welcome a boxing match between the two in hopes of silencing the influencer.

‘The Problem Child’ has reportedly put pen to paper for the third time for a boxing bout against UK’s Tommy Fury, an undefeated boxing talent arguably best known for being Tyson Fury’s younger brother.

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