Joey Not ‘Intimidated’ by Gabriel, on Date With His Mom

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  • In an exclusive clip from “MILF Manor,” Gabriel ribs Joey and his mom for going on a date together.
  • On the show, a group of mothers dates from a pool of young men composed of their own sons. 
  • Joey said that he’s not “intimidated” by Gabriel, and that the other man should “watch out.”

Joey said that he’s not intimidated by his date’s son, Gabriel, heckling him while out on a dinner date on “MILF Manor.”

On the show, mothers date from a pool of younger men while living in the same house. That pool, however, is composed of their own sons, meaning that contestants have to watch their family members go on dates with other people in the house. 

In an exclusive clip from the upcoming third episode of the TLC series, contestants Joey and April J., are on a group dinner date with Gabriel, April J.’s son, and Stefany. 

“I’m not intimidated at all by having Gabriel around,” Joey, who is 20 years old, said in a confessional. “I think Gabriel’s honestly annoyed with me. He doesn’t like whatever’s going on at that table. That boy better watch out. I’m gonna be his papa one day.”

The two couples are dining at different tables, but that doesn’t stop Gabriel from keeping an eye on his mother.

“Mom, how’s your date going?” Gabriel calls out to his mother’s table. When Joey replies that it’s going great, Gabriel instructs him to not “get her too wasted” as his own date, Stefany, attempts to feed him a bite of food. 

In response, April J. and Joey mimic Gabriel’s initial comment, repeatedly calling out, “Mom! Mom!”


TLC premiered “MILF Manor” in January, quickly revealing the show’s twist: the dating pool for its group of mothers was composed of their own sons. What came next was a see-it-to-believe-it spectacle involving multiple “daddy” jokes, ruminations on feet, and Joey’s unforgettable vow to “cockblock” his mother. What’s more, the mother and son pairs share rooms. 

Episode three of MILF Manor airs on TLC on Sunday, January 29, at 10 PM ET.

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