Josh McDaniels wants Tom Brady to admit tuck rule fumble before securing Raiders ownership


Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady have a successful relationship spanning from their time with the New England Patriots. As offensive coach and quarterback, they were part of the dynasty created by head coach Bill Belichick.

Now, though, the shoe is on the other foot. With Tom Brady set to become a minority owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, he will become the boss who head coach Josh McDaniels ultimately reports to. That is not expected to change the dynamic between them.

However, McDaniels did recently invite Brady to come clean on the “tuck rule” fumble. In the 2001 season, the Patriots played the Raiders and defeated them after an alleged fumble was not called, which allowed New England to close the game and move to the AFC Championships. It is still a sore sticking point for Raider Nation.

The Las Vegas head coach said:

“One hundred percent. No question.”

He also clarified his relationship with Tom Brady, saying:

“I think everybody knows how I feel about Tom the person. So, if that comes to fruition, obviously I’ll be incredibly excited about just him being somebody that’s in Raider Nation and has a vested interest in us doing as well as we can do in trying to bring a championship football team here to Vegas.”

Josh McDaniels was effusive in his praise of the former quarterback and said that he has a great history from when they were together and he is looking forward to partnering once again:

“So I don’t know exactly where all that stands. I think that’s a question that’s way above my pay grade in terms of that stuff. But, obviously, [I] had a great history with the player and an even better one with the person. So it’ll obviously be a tremendous honor to partner up with him again.”

Will Tom Brady listen to Josh McDaniels and come clean about the tuck rule fumble?

Despite what Josh McDaniels demands from Tom Brady, there is of course no requirement for him to admit anything before becoming a Raiders owner.

However, one need not get too antsy about that, because long before the current head coach prodded Brady, the quarterback had admitted as much, saying:

“The tuck rule game against the Raiders, it might have been a fumble.”

With Tom Brady, Josh McDaniels and Jimmy Garoppolo all in the house, Raiders fans will be seeing where their allegiances lie and the tuck rule game might become a litmus test.

But if they can bring the kind of success that they all had together in New England, it would be hard to complain otherwise.

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