Karnataka Man Lost Aadhaar Card. It Was Found At Mangaluru Auto Blast Spot

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Karnataka DGP Praveen Sood said the accused had carried a fake Aadhaar card.


The Karnataka police have traced the man whose identity was used by the accused in the autorickshaw blast, which they have called an act of terror, in coastal Mangaluru on Saturday. 

This accused, the passenger who was travelling in the auto, stole the identity of another person who is a resident of Karnataka’s Hubballi district.

Premraj Hutagi, a railway employee in the Tumakuru division of Indian Railways whose identity was used by the accused, said he has lost his Aadhaar card twice in the last two years, but wasn’t very sure of where exactly.

“Around 7:30, I received a call from a police Sub Inspector. He asked where I lost my Aadhaar card. They also asked me about my parents. I have given all information, including my photos,” Mr Hutago said, adding that he heard an incident took place in Mangaluru only after the police informed him about it. 

“I have no connection with that. I learnt of the incident only after the police informed me. They said they found my Aadhaar card. I have lost my Aadhaar card, that’s true. But I did not lose in Mangaluru,” he added.

Premraj Hutagi said he did not report the loss of the card as he had the unique ID through which he got another card printed. “I never knew it would be misused to this extent,” he said.

Karnataka’s Director General of Police Praveen Sood has confirmed to NDTV that the accused, who was the passenger in the auto, was carrying a cooker fitted with batteries and an explosive device which went off, injuring both the driver and him. 

Both are undergoing treatment, and the accused hasn’t been able to speak to the police or give any more details of the incident. 

DGP Sood said the accused had carried a fake Aadhaar card and also had a fake address, fake name, and picture as well.

The autorickshaw blast was not accidental but an “act of terror with the intention to cause serious damage”, the state police chief has said, adding that the police is probing the incident along with central agencies.

Karnataka Home Minister Araga Jnanendra too said that central investigation teams are assisting the police in the case.

According to central intelligence agencies, the suspect had procured a SIM card from Coimbatore under a false name. “His tower locations show, he had travelled across Tamil Nadu. His call logs are being examined to find his associates in Tamil Nadu, sources told NDTV.

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