Klopp: “Liverpool has to defend the s**t out of everybody we face”


Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp made a few changes to his lineup ahead of the game against Rangers on Tuesday and ended up with a more than comfortable 2-0 win. They needed it, as they’ve gotten off to a rocky start this season. Klopp suggested that this change, which included Trent Alexander-Arnold and Kostas Tsimikas taking more reserved roles, has made his team more defensively sound.

“We need consistency and for consistency, we need to defend the…” – here, he pauses and smiles a bit – “rubbish out of everybody, pretty much.”

Always the eloquent speaker, Klopp was attempting to be careful with his word choice there, but when asked to clarify, could think of no better way to explain himself than this:

What I wanted to say is we have to defend the s**t out of everybody we face, and that’s why I used the word ‘rubbish’.”

We will see on Sunday if the defense continues to do its job and make the difference for Liverpool.

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