Kyrie Irving seeking long-term $200M contract extension with Brooklyn Nets


The Brooklyn Nets will have a tough decision to make when it comes to re-signing Kyrie Irving. It’s uncertain how the team feels about him due to some of his decisions off the court. However, if it’s a strictly basketball way they’re looking at things, Irving will likely get this contract.

Irving will become eligible this offseason to sign a new contract, and according to his agent Shatellia Irving, the star point guard wants to stay in Brooklyn:

“Around Kyrie and staying with the Nets? I have reached out to the Nets regarding this,” his agent, Shetellia Irving, told Bleacher Report. “We have had no significant conversations to date. The desire is to make Brooklyn home, with the right type of extension, which means the ball is in the Nets’ court to communicate now if their desire is the same.”

Kyrie Irving’s Nets contract

Kyrie Irving continues to impress with his play, averaging an impressive 26.7 points per game while shooting 48.5%. He’s been without Kevin Durant for the last few games due to Durant’s knee injury and has carried Brooklyn with three 30-plus point performances, including a 48-point performance against the Utah Jazz.

It’s reported that Irving is looking for a four-year contract, around $200 million. Some thought that the Nets might decide to sign him to contracts each season as they want to make sure that he keeps his head straight on the court.

Irving was suspended for eight games earlier in the season for sharing a documentary that had antisemitic messaging. He issued an apology for his actions. This came less than a year after he decided not to take the COVID-19 vaccination, making him miss most of the previous season.

Durant and Irving seem to get along well, which could be the deciding factor in this process. If Durant says he wants Irving in a Nets jersey, it would seem logical that Brooklyn grants that wish. For what it’s worth, there might not be a better duo in the NBA at the moment, a clear duo who could win an NBA championship.

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