Letitia Wright Says THR Will Not Apologize to Her


Letitia Wright at a premiere

The saga of The Hollywood Reporter‘s bizarrely disparaging remarks about Letitia Wright continues as the publication has reportedly chosen to act like it’s done nothing wrong.

Letitia Wright continues to fight back, as she should, at The Hollywood Reporter for including her in what is essentially a hit piece. Our Princess Weekes broke it down earlier this week but essentially, the article equates Letitia Wright—who shared an anti-vaxx video but deleted it and apologized for it before going silent on social media until the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)—to actual sexual offenders and creatives like Mel Gibson, Bryan Singer, Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski, and more.

The point I guess the article was making was the same tired argument for separating art from the artist when it comes to the award season. But putting Wright in any category with men with the legacy of Harvey Weinstein is absolutely baffling.

And now, according to Wright, the publication and the piece’s author, Scott Feinberg, are refusing to apologize to Wright or take her name out of the piece. That’s certainly a hill to die on …

Moreover, Feinberg himself has said that the valid criticism of his article is just an internet “pile-on.”

What does a piece like this say about your publication?

The fact that The Hollywood Reporter ran it in the first place says a lot about them. Equating Wright—and Smith—to the list of white men that have been blacklisted for crimes like sexual abuse is a gross overreach, putting them in the same category as actual predators.

The fact that Feinberg is DMing women journalists who are rightfully angry about the piece and then taking their apologies without ever issuing his own? Makes it very obvious what Feinberg seems “important” in his journalistic take.

The piece as a whole is bad and Letitia Wright being included in the first place was horrid. But now that Wright has said The Hollywood Reporter refuses to apologize? Shame on the publication for not owning up to the mistake.

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