Luke Rockhold accuses Jake Paul of making exaggerated claims about his boxing prowess


Luke Rockhold scoffed at Jake Paul’s claims of being a real fighter during a recent interview with MMA journalist The Schmo.

Rockhold believes the rumors that circulated last year about Paul being ‘untouchable’ in sparring sessions are less than accurate. He also noted that Paul is yet to face a real test, and the former UFC middleweight champion offered the chance to prove he is a fighter.

Luke Rockhold said:

“I think Jake is a deer in the headlights, I don’t think he has any real balls when it comes to a real fight. There’s rumors of people not being able to knock him out in sparring and practice, and there’s all this stipulation. It’s all a f***ing game, I’m not playing games. If the kid wants to show he’s not just a child anymore, and he’s a man and he’s not playing games. It’s time to fight a real f***ing fighter.”

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Jake Paul has received criticism in the past for his selection of opponents. ‘The Problem Child’ faced a YouTuber and a former NBA basketball player in his first two fights. He went on to face veteran former MMA champions Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley, neither of whom have a striking background.

‘The Problem Child’ then fought Anderson Silva, an extremely skilled striker who was dubbed Paul’s first actual test in the ring. However, Silva’s age supplied critics of ‘The Problem Child’ with more ammunition following Paul’s decision victory. Silva was 47 years old, compared to Paul, who was 25.

Luke Rockhold believes it is time for Jake Paul to face a real fighter if he wishes to prove his mettle, and the former UFC champion appears eager to take on the challenge.

Luke Rockhold claims the UFC released him to “hunt” Jake Paul

Luke Rockhold was released by the UFC after 10 years of service. With that, he is currently a free agent and appears to be looking to enter the world of boxing.

During a recent interview with Helen Yee Sports, the former middleweight champion claimed that the promotion decided to let him go so that he could fight Jake Paul in a boxing match.

UFC president Dana White and Paul have engaged in trash talk over the past few years over issues stemming from fighter pay, among other things. It would be fair to say that the pair do not like each other.

On that, Luke Rockhold said:

“The UFC kind of released me to go hunt [Jake Paul]… We were talking [about it] after a boxing session at Church Hill with Pete Berg. He was like, ‘Oh yeah I’ll talk to Dana [White].’ He said, ‘Yeah Luke can go f***ing fight that kid. Go beat his a**.’ So I was released to beat your a**.”

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