New GTA Online background update fixes dup glitches, Gun Van God Mode, and more


GTA Online recently received a background update that addresses several existing bugs and glitches. While Rockstar Games is yet to publicly announce any details about the patch, data miners have discovered a number of in-game changes that took place during the update.

The report did not specify which platforms received the update. Hence, it is highly likely that it was provided in the background on all platforms supporting Grand Theft Auto Online: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Steam Deck, and PC.

Rockstar Games has released a background update to address several bugs and glitches in GTA Online

On January 26, 2023, popular Rockstar Games data miner Tez2 tweeted about the background update in GTA Online. While the informer did not specify the size or time of the update, it is safe to assume that it occurred at midnight in the South Asian region.

Background update- Patched Auto Shop Car To Service Car dupe glitch.- Patched Arena dupe glitch.- Patched Gun Van God Mode glitch.- Fixed a bug with text feed of “Safe contents” for Stash Houses Daily Event.#GTAOnline

Tez2 provided a list of changes made by the gaming studio in the update. The majority of them were money glitches that allowed GTA Online players to earn extra money by completing a single event. Here are some quick details of the bugs and errors that have been fixed:

Auto-Shop-car to service-car dupe glitch


GTA Online players were previously able to glitch their customer vehicles in the Auto Shop business and earn double the money. The glitch duplicates the car and allows the player and garage staff to deliver it at the same time. However, the developers have now patched this.

Arena dupe glitch


GTA Online players were able to use this glitch to duplicate their Arena War vehicles as free-roam vehicles. Once duplicated, players could sell it to make unfair money in the game. Rockstar has resolved this issue with the most recent background update.

Gun Van God Mode glitch


Although the Gun Van is a new addition to GTA Online, players quickly discovered a God Mode glitch associated with it, especially on PlayStation 4. Prior to the patch, the glitch allowed players to cheat the system and enter God Mode using the van.

Fixed a bug with the text feed of “Safe contents” for Stash Houses Daily Event

Stash HouseA daily “collectable” where you break into a stash house (marked with a purple blip,) take out the dealers inside, and break into a safe to steal “cash or supplies for your businesses.”#GTAOnline

The Stash House event is an unreleased daily activity that is scheduled to be revealed at a later date this year. However, data miners were able to access the game files and carry out these missions. Although it is not yet available to the general public, Rockstar fixed a bug related to Safe Content inside the Stash House.

While these fixes have already been implemented in the game, players should be aware that they are not part of the remote code execution exploit patch announced by Rockstar Support on January 24, 2023. Ergo, PC gamers are advised to avoid the game until it is released.

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